Business, Non-Profit and Ministry Tenants

The two building property at Kingdom Crossroads is a multi-use space, currently providing a mix of residential apartments and professional office spaces. The property underwent significant renovations in 2014 on the main floor of “Building B” for its primary tenant, Sharp Innovations, Inc., but work continues on both the interior and exterior spaces of both buildings. It is the desire of the Kingdom Crossroads management that both the cosmetic and spiritual beauty of the buildings be fully restored over time, and that the property as a whole will be used in a powerful way for the advanced of God’s kingdom.

Following is a list of the businesses currently located at Kingdom Crossroads. If you interest in renting space at Kingdom Crossroads, we’d like to hear from you. We are actively pursuing business with synergistic interests, including design firms, copywriters, photographers, videographers, counseling, and ministry, though we are also interested in speaking with other firms who share our vision, regardless of industry served.

Sharp Innovations, Inc.

Sharp Innovations

Since 1999, CEOs in over 20 industries have relied on Sharp Innovations to help them create results-oriented Internet marketing strategies. Sharp Innovations is a Lancaster, PA-based Internet marketing firm that uses powerful design, compelling content, thoughtful functionality and proven search engine marketing to improve clients' website rankings, traffic and lead generation. Sharp Innovations provides extensive website service and support, backed by several proprietary processes that together form a comprehensive, 6-step project management method. This unique combination of both extensive experience and highly-defined systems has earned Sharp Innovations recognition from peers and clients alike as a premier Pennsylvania website design firm.

Live with Purpose, LLC

Live With Purpose Coaching

Live with Purpose helps small business owners, their teams, and individuals evolve in their pursuit of lives and careers of deeper meaning and purpose. The team at Live with Purpose believes that God has "more" in store for your business, ministry, relationships, and personal life. Being hungry for more is central to any entrepreneur, businessperson, or leader. Live with Purpose aligns a team of coaches to address the "more" in your life, whether through business coaching, career transition coaching, spiritual life growth mentoring, or financial stewardship coaching. The Live with Purpose team blends years of industry experience with diverse techniques, tools, and systems to help you arrive at a place of deep-seated purpose and prosperity.

Dream Bridge International

Dream Bridge International

Dream Bridge International exists to fund and empower the entrepreneurial dreams of indigent individuals worldwide. Dream Bridge seeks to blend the utility of micro-finance with the entrepreneurial spirit of needy inviduals by connecting donors with dreamers in a very personal way. The entrepreneurial heart exists everywhere, and Dream Bridge believes that God’s kingdom is one of multiplication, and human business activities are ripe for transformation by the Gospel of Jesus. To that end, Dream Bridge has purposed itself to connect like-minded leaders in business across the globe to help transform impoverished societies via a kingdom-focused business model which intentionally addresses the financial obstacles facing our less affluent, business-minded brothers and sisters.

Digital Bridge Computers

Digital Bridge

Digitalbridge Computer Services specializes in designing, building, and supporting business networks and systems, while also providing a convenient repair facility for residential and business customers alike. Extensive training and real-world experience has made Digital Bridge excellent at troubleshooting, with the ability to quickly respond and solve any problems on your network, server, or workstations. Whether you are a small business without an IT staff or a member of an IT department, Digital Bridge can adapt to your needs.

Live with Purpose Church

Live With Purpose Church

Live with Purpose Church is passionate about empowering a greater work through the voice of unity. They are also focused on helping people to become equipped to make massive cultural impact everywhere by helping them to "be the church outside of the four walls of the church building" through putting their faith into bold action as a true disciple maker. The church is lead by Pastor Phil Hernandez, Worship Director and Minister Ryan Lapp, and Managing Director and Minister Joseph Sharp.

Conestoga Underground

Conestoga Underground

The Conestoga Underground is a ministry meeting place designed to meet the relational and practical needs of the region in every way possible. The businesses and non-profits that reside at the Kingdom Crossroads complex are the initial users of the space, however its relaxed, casual environment are open to the public on Thursdays from 7-8:30 PM every week. If you are a business, non-profit or ministry in town that needs a space to meet, Conestoga Underground can be made available to help you.