Corporate or Non-Profit Group Rentals

Here at Kingdom Crossroads, we are pleased to offer our space in the Conestoga Underground as a rental property for corporate or non-profit group meetings. Our goal is to provide an environment ideal for facilitating effective team-building and allowing groups to realize their full potential within their individual lines of work.

Whether your company or organization is searching for a location for one-time or recurring events, the Conestoga Underground at Kingdom Crossroads is the ideal space for your event. With competitive pricing and plenty of space for everyone involved, the Underground is a place for learning and growth within your team.

As a large part of Joe’s vision for Kingdom Crossroads, he wanted this property to be influenced by the surrounding community. Through inviting companies, non-profit organizations, ministries, and other groups to convene at the Conestoga Underground, we are bringing the community closer together in learning and growth for the benefit of every group involved. Contact us today to reserve your time!

Contact us to reserve a time: 717-615-2274