Renter Resources

Basic Expectations

Every tenant is expected to keep their unit clean and in working order. Any concerns, maintenance requests, malfunctions, or dangers should be reported to the property Manager as soon as possible. A level of integrity consistent with the mission and vision of Kingdom Crossroads is also expected by tenants as well as visitors and employees.

Terms for Rental

Terms specific to your unit and situation will be covered in your individual tenant agreement/contract.

Notable Policies (specific policies will be covered in the rental agreement)

Occupancy Limit(s): Occupancy limits will depend on the particular apartment unit and will be dictated by state and/or municipal zoning law.

Deposits and/or Fees: A security deposit equal to the first month’s rent is required upon signing of a rental agreement. This amount will be reimbursed or applied to a tenant’s final month of stay if no cosmetic, structural, or other damages have occurred during the tenant’s stay.

A late fee is collected for each day a tenant’s rent is delayed (rent is due on the first of every month). The fee is equal to 3% of the monthly rent total for each day that expires after the first of the month.

Maintenance/Repairs: All maintenance and repair requests are expected to be presented to the property manager as soon as possible. Each concern will be acknowledged and addressed in accordance with the urgency assessed by the property manager.

Illegal Activity: Illegal activity on the Kingdom Crossroads premises will not be tolerated. Violators are subject to municipal, state, and federal laws

Sublet Policy: Unless a special exception is granted in writing by management, tenants are not permitted to sublet their units to other renters.

Renter’s Insurance: All tenants of Kingdom Crossroads are expected to obtain renter’s insurance. Kingdom Crossroads will not be liable for to damage caused to a renter’s personal possessions due to theft, arson, terrorism, flood or any other act of God.

Utilities: Unless a special exception is granted in writing by management, tenants are responsible for their own cable TV, phone, and Internet. Heating, cooling, electric, gas (where available), water, sewer, and trash removal is the responsibility of Kingdom Crossroads.

Pets: Unless a special exception is granted in writing by management, pets are not permitted on the premises of Kingdom Crossroads.

Other Restrictions: Management reserves the right to impose additional regulations and restrictions as necessary to ensure the safety, security, and personal well-being of our tenants and employees

Rent Payment

Rent is due on the first of every month by personal check only. If late, a charge equal to 3% of the tenant’s total rent will be applied for each day it is tardy. The only exception to the rule would be a special emergency, which would need to be previously approved by the Property Manager. No other exceptions will be granted.

Property Management

Kingdom Crossroads has an on-site property manager. Any maintenance issues may be brought to the attention of our PM through telephone, email, or text. We ask that you respect the privacy of our on-site manager by limiting your contact to the three options listed. Please do not knock on the door or assume availability is 24/7, except in case of actual emergency. Please call 911 in case of fire or health emergency.

We will do our best to respond within 24 hours of initial contact.

Property Manager: Gina Paredes

Email Address:

Phone/Text: (717) 314-2558

Mailing Address: 3113 Main St, Conestoga, PA 17516


For your convenience, a safe box will be available at Unit C to physically drop off rent checks. Please include a note with your name and rental unit number with your check, if not clearly noted on the check itself.


If interested in leasing information please email or call for availability.

Trash Removal:

There is a secure trash enclosure next to the complex shed for trash and recycling to be deposited. Please do not put garbage anywhere but in those containers. Trash pick-up is every Thursday. If there’s no room please hold for next pick up or inform management. This service is not available for dumping extraordinary trash, household items, furniture or flammable/hazardous materials. Please limit to household trash/garbage from normal everyday living.

Recycling is also available, and we encourage you to recycle approved items.